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Index Tower

Эмират: Дубай Район: DIFC
Проект: Index Tower Тип: квартира, апартаменты
Номер объекта: AP6840
Площадь: 153 кв.м.
Спален: 3
Вид из окон: Difc Gate

2 250 000 AED

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Unit Specifications:

* Unfurnished 3 bedroom apartments yet in a good condition

* Offers a panoramic view of City Life

* Currently vacant

Index Tower is an 80 storey multi-purpose tower with state-of-the-art offices designed for multinational corporations and magnificent apartments for those who expect exceptional living.The Index Tower is placed within the impressive Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), the revolutionary hub district dedicated to international finance and corporate offices. Intented to become a regional landmark, Index will allow a particular adaptability that is unusual for those confined to the aloof surroundings that are often incorporated within traditional skyscrapers.

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